There have been a lot of storms this winter, spring, and summer! Your roof may have accrued some major damages during the bad weather. Inspect your home for any storm damage you may need to address. If you find a lot of storm damage, you may need to do some house repairs for your next home improvement project.

Roofs are often one of the first areas to show damage. Cracked, torn or missing shingles are an easy sign of roof damage. You should check your chimney, pipes and vents to see if there are any cracks or loose material around them. Your gutters and downspouts shouldn’t be clogged with debris. Large sand-like granules in your gutter that chipped off of your roof are another sign of roof problems. You should have your roof professionally inspected. Aside from your roof, you should check your windows. Cracked or chipped glass may leak water and contribute to a higher energy bill.

Also make sure the window caulking is not peeling away. Re-caulking a few windows will help prevent heat from escaping from your house. You should also check your house, for obvious signs of damage to your siding. Missing pieces and buckling may indicate areas of dry rot or insect damage. A fresh coat of paint can really spruce up some weathered siding. The last place to check for damage is your home’s foundation. Water pools near the foundation can indicate a problem. Improperly draining water can cause flooding in your home.

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