Have you cleaned your bathroom as well as possible, but it still doesn’t look good? Your next home improvement project may need to be a bathroom remodel. Before you start remodeling, organize your bathroom. Clean out old prescriptions bottles, bath products you don’t use, cosmetics, and old linens that have accumulated in your cupboards and on your counter tops. This will make it easier to clean. Taking the clutter out of the room will make it more inviting.

Many things can get on your bathroom wall from hair spray to dust. This can give the walls a gritty look and texture. Mold may have also started in places from too much moisture. Scrub your walls and add a fresh coat of paint or two to make the room seem like a new space. This is a cheap fix that you can do yourself for a minimal cost. Depending on the age of your tub or shower, the finish may have worn off. It may be time to refinish or replace your old bathtub.

Replacing your tub is an option if you have the time and money to put into the project. You can purchase a new tub for as little as a few hundred dollars. You will need to hire a professional to remove the old tub, install the new tub and fix any plumbing problems. Tearing out a tub can cause damage to the walls and flooring, so it is best to plan for doing the rest of your remodeling after it is installed.

Bathtub refinishing is a less expensive alternative to replacing your tub. You can refinish your tub yourself or hire a professional. The refinishing kits are cheap, but results are often poor. Hiring a professional refinisher produces much better results. You will need proper ventilation because there are chemical fumes from the refinishing process.

Hire a professional for your bathroom remodeling needs and the the remodeling process will go much smoother! Contact James Montie Construction, Inc. of Johnstown, Ohio for all of your kitchen remodeling, bath remodeling, basement finishing, and home repair needs. Call us at (740) 975-5412 today!

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