You’re ready for a kitchen update. Those brown and yellow linoleum floors and dark ominous cabinets are just screaming for a more modern replacement. While you know you’re ready to leave the 1970s design behind, you aren’t quite sure what type of design details you want for your kitchen remodel.

Well, don’t sweat it. We at James Montie Construction, Inc. are glad to pass along some modern kitchen design ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Consider out-of-the-box flooring options.

Most people think tile, vinyl, or hardwood flooring when they begin the kitchen remodeling process. However, you have many other flooring options to consider. Some less-common, but very modern flooring choices, include bamboo, cork, or even treated concrete!

2. Think floating shelves.

Trade in some of your cabinet space for floating shelves. This type of shelving is a modern approach to storage, because they can double as wall art as you display your tableware or other beautiful kitchen items.

3. Choose a modern backsplash.

A backsplash is more than just functional; it can also add to the design details of your kitchen remodel. You can find all kinds of backsplash ideas that are both modern and innovative. Check out online galleries to see what style works for you and your home.

4. Cover up some of your appliances.

There is such a thing as stainless-steel overload, even in a modern kitchen. You can still have all your upgraded, energy-efficient appliances, but camouflage some of them behind what appears to be cabinet doors!

5. Add earthy elements.

Bringing the outside in can often make your home feel fresh and inviting. Your general contractor can install wood (or wood look-alike) panels on a feature wall in your kitchen, or design custom plant holders making it easy for you to keep succulents or other house plants.

Do you want more kitchen design ideas? Ready to get started kitchen remodeling? Contact James Montie Construction, Inc. of Ohio today at (740) 975-5412. Our home-remodeling experts can tell you all about our home improvement services and offer you a free consultation and estimate.

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