Looking for your next Columbus home improvement project? Consider a bathroom remodel. Creating the traditional bathroom look is easy. If you prefer to keep your bathroom traditional, try a white and black color combination. A black and white bathroom remodel creates a classic look for your bathroom.

There are many different ways you can bring the black and white colors to your bathroom. Create a unique look with black and white tiles. You can create a unique look making patterns with the tiles. You also can create a unique look by painting the walls, and installing a new tub or shower. A great addition to your home bathroom could be a built-in cabinet. Built-in cabinets not only make room for storage, but also create a space for accessory displays. Another great way to add some storage space for shampoo and other bathing items is to add a ledge inside the tub. Marble or granite works great as a material to make the ledges and vanities.

Of course, other colors can be added to the bathroom at a later time. Eventually, you may want to update the bathroom with a bold red. If you are interested in creating a black and white bathroom for your next Columbus home improvement project, contact James Montie Construction. We provide kitchen remodeling, bath remodeling, basement finishing, and home repair needs. Call us at (740) 975-5412 today!

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