Holiday Home ImprovementCan you believe the holiday season is just around the corner? If you’re like many of us, you know you’re going to have a lot of hustle and bustle happening around your house. You may have guests coming from out of town, or you’ve been chosen to host the annual Thanksgiving dinner. Suddenly, you find yourself looking around your home and thinking of all the home improvements you had hoped to accomplish before the holidays.

Well, don’t stress. While a room addition may be too lofty of a goal for your timeframe, our crew at James Montie Construction, Inc. can help you do some quick updates so you can have your home looking great for the months ahead. Here are just a few suggestions.

1. Freshen things up with a new coat of paint.

It’s amazing what a clean, modern paint color can do to transform a room. We can help you select a good shade that follows current design trends while also complementing your existing cabinets, decor, and so on.

2. Replace your flooring.

You’ve been meaning to get those beautiful hardwood floors in your living room for a while. Now is the time to have our crew install your new flooring. Just think of how beautiful your home will look with those wood floors as you decorate for the holidays. 

3. Repair or replace your front door.

You’re going to have a lot of guests coming in and out of your home. Make a good first impression by having our crew either repair your existing door or upgrade to a more modern, efficient door to usher guests in.

These little home improvements don’t take as much time, energy, or resources as a complete bathroom remodel or kitchen redesign, but they still make a big difference in updating your home for the holidays. To find out more or to get a free consultation and quote, contact us today at (740) 975-5412.


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